Borang Spa 8i Online


The Borang SPA 8 is a mandatory form that you must fill if you intend to apply for a job with the government. You can obtain the hardcopy of the form by purchasing them at most Post offices. The form costs RM5 that comes with a user guide book.
Alternatively, you can also make your applications online through the SAP (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) portal. You are required to submit your forms to:
Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Aras 6 – 10 Blok C7, Kompleks C,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

Once you have submitted the SPA 8 form, then you are considered as a registered applicant. Should there be any vacancies available in the sectors that you have applied, you will then be contacted and arranged for an interview. Take note that after you have registered your application through the SPA 8 form, you will be notified through post in writing an acknowledgement of receipt of your registration and application from the SPA. Any arrangements for interviews will also be notified by post. Your status of applications will be conveyed to you whether you succeeded, failed or been kept in view.

If you are notified for an interview and failed to turn up, you will not be shortlisted again for the next 3 years for that particular post and an additional 1 year for other posts. This condition though is not applicable to the following positions: Medical Officers, Dental and Pharmacy Officers.

Borang Borang is to guide you with your spa 8 forms. Many forms are available through Spa Malaysia website. Among the forms are from these departments: LHDN, PERKESO, Mara, Mardi, JKR, DBKL, Kuittho, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, etc. More jobs are available from different sectors like Public Service Commission. Check back often for more guide on Malaysian Government jobs/jawatan kosong kerajaan, Private Sector jobs(jawatan kosong swasta), Human Resources Department, Jaawatan Kosong Malaysia and more. Please proceed to links at the left side for more information. Logon to for spa 8 form.

Guidelines for filling up SPA8 online application form

Applicants should begin by ticking your highest qualification as printed on the left-hand side of the page. This will determine the position as well as salary range of your requested position.

The form will emerge after applicants key in their (new or old) identity card (IC) number or new IC number for those who do not have old IC number.

Next up, fill up your choice in the space provided under Jawatan 1. Applicants can fill up their choices in the space provided from Jawatan 2 to Jawatan 10. Do not repeat the choices in the columns provided.

Please complete the following details.

  • Venue of interview/ test centre
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth (state)
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Mother’s place of birth
  • Father’s place of birth
  • Mailing address

Disabled applicants are required to fill up space provided in Kecacatan.

Applicants are also required to state their SPM results(Keputusan Spm) for Bahasa Melayu (applicable for degree, diploma and SRP holders as well as for those who possess any other qualification).

Applicants who sat for SPM are required to state their SPM results(Keputusan Spm).

Applicants who possess degree, diploma, or certificate are required to complete the form. Local universities graduates have to fill up the space provided under Universiti Tempatan (Local University) while graduates from overseas universities are required to fill up another space provided. For those who do not know their graduation date, state your convocation date.

Applicants under Diploma/STP/STPM/HSC category are required to state STPM results(Keputusan STPM) while diploma holders are required to state level of tertiary education.

Ensure that all the information is correct and accurate.

Click on “Submit” button after completing the form.

Application forms that are error-free will receive a message stating “Your application has been accepted.”

When to apply?

SPA(Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) will announce twice a year to inform interested registered applicants. However, you can complete and submit SPA8 form anytime without waiting for the official announcement from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam(SPA). Besides that, applicants can check their application status and relevant information anytime.

The application forms valid for a year only. Applicants are eligible to submit the form again after the one year period ends. Applicants are required to submit new application form to apply for a different post. Applications received will be kept private and confidential. No special treatment or direct interview will be given to any individual.

What is SPA8 form(Borang Spa 8)?

SPA8 form(Borang Spa 8) is a compulsory form for those who would like to apply jobs in public sector. You can obtain the original form in most of the Post-office nationwide. You can purchase the form at RM5 that comes together with a guideline/instruction book.

Besides that, you can also apply for any government’s vacancy through SPA portal (Surunhanjaya Public Services). You have to send in the form to:


Public Services Commission Malaysia,

Level 6 – 10 Block C7, C Complex,

Federal Government Administration Centre,


After submitting SPA8(Borang Spa 8) form, applicants are considered as registered candidate. Applicants will be contacted and an interview session will be arranged if there is a vacancy available in the sector that you have requested. Please take note that after the registration through SPA8 form, announcement or notification will be informed through letter issued by SPA( Interview session will also be informed through letter. Applicants will be updated on their application status whether they are successful, failed, or still under observation/consideration.

Applicants who failed to turn up for the arranged interview session will not be called again for another interview session in three years time for that same post and an additional one year for certain vacancy. However, the above rule is a not applicable for these positions: Medical Officer, Dental and Pharmacy Officer.


    1. SPA 8i forms are catered for those who are keen to fill up vacancies in Malaysia’s public sector.


    1. Provide accurate information only in SPA 8 form. Applicants who provide false or misleading information will be blacklisted and are subjected to actions under Section 5 Suruhanjaya Commission Services 1957.

General information

    1. Applicants can apply up to ten positions in one form. Applicants who fulfill the required qualifications and passed the selection process will be notified when a vacancy is available.


    1. Completed application form will be processed and registered in SPA computer database. SPA(Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) will issue a confirmed registration letter to candidates after the registration of the application. Applicants who applied online can check their application status after 3 working days by typing in their IC number in the column provided.


    1. The application is valid for a year from the date of registration by SPA. After the one year period ends, individuals who are still interested to register with SPA are required to submit a new SPA 8 Pin. 1/2002 application form or through SPA’s website.


    1. Candidates who would like to amend their mailing address and/or interview centre/ test centre can submit their application by writing a letter to SPA or through email. The letter should contain the candidates’ name, IC number and the purpose. Candidates who would like to amend other information should submit a new application form by filling up SPA’s form 8 or SPA 8i.


    1. Applicants are advised to submit the application once only to SPA whether through SPA 8 form or SPA 8i in a year. Applicants who send in more than once would result in information renewal from time to time (including the position requested) and it might decrease applicants’ chance of being called-in for an interview.


Instructions for online application


    1. Applicants should begin by picking your highest qualification that includes Degree/ Master/ Doctorate, Degree & Diploma or Degree & STPM, Diploma/Certificate, STPM/HSC, SPM/SRP/PMR/LCE or talent or art (any qualification). These will determine your eligibility of the positions you apply.


    1. The form will emerge. Please fill in your IC number (both the new and old ones). Applicants are required to fill up at least one column provided.


    1. You are required to choose any eligible positions according to your qualification in the space provided under Jawatan 1. Applicants can fill up their choices in the space provided from Jawatan 2 to Jawatan 10 (please do not repeat your choice).


    1. Applicants are required to fill up their chosen venue of interview/ test centre, name, date of birth, place of birth, gender, marital status, race, religion, nationality, parents’ place of birth and mailing address.
    2. Disabled applicants are required to fill up space provided in Kecacatan.


  1. Applicants are also required to state their SPM results(Keputusan Spm) for Bahasa Melayu (applicable for degree holders, diploma holders, SRP, and other qualifications) while applicants who sat for SPM are required to state their SPM results(Keputusan Spm).