Borang Spa Tips


What should you do to apply for a government job?

Once you have registered your application by submitting the SPA8 form, you will need to check the status of your applications from time to time. In the process of your registration you will be required to apply and select for the job you desire.

Note that the first thing that you have to determine is the level of the job you are applying for. This is in accordance to your academic qualifications. The categories here are:

•    Degree/Masters or PhD
•    Degree and Diploma/Degree and STPM
•    Diploma and Certificate
•    Paramedic Training
•    In Service/KPSL
This is because each category above will put you in a different Grading and Salary scheme altogether. On top of that, you have to first determine which category you fall into to obtain the appropriate form. Ensure that you spend some time going through the relevant fields to fill in and that you have put in the details accurately and correctly.

Submit to ten different Malaysian government vacancies

After that, you will be required to identify which type of jobs you are interested in. the SPA 8 form allows you to submit up to 10 different vacancies that you are interested in. there are many categories available where upon clicking you will be able to see all the vacancies available.

Click on the position available and you will be able to read more about the job, the requirements, the salary scale and such.
Once you have identified what are the jobs you are interested in, then you can start filling up the SPA 8 form.

Point to your qualifications on the left hand side of the page and you will then see the online form. This is where you have to fill up all your particulars and such but ensure that the following are accurately answers.

The vacancies you wish to apply for, the job interview centre preferred and your personal particulars.