Jobs & Career Guide – Clerical & Administration


Clerical refers to an individual who does clerical work. Clerks are usually responsible in keeping, recording, and filling record besides handling other administrative tasks. Clerical positions are always associated with women. In today’s society, it is still dominated by women. Administration refers to the management of any office, business, organization or corporation. It can also be defined as a system of organizing the staffs in a company and systemizing resources efficiently.

There are numerous positions for clerks depending on their responsibilities and functions. Among some of the most popular jobs in the market are data entry clerks, law clerk and also ward clerk. These clerks conduct general offices tasks in an organization or corporation. Among some of the administration job opportunities are office administrator, administrative assistant, and business administrators.

Data entry clerk are employed on a temporary basis most of the time. They have to transfer the data from handwritten or printed records into computer databases. Large organizations or corporate usually hire permanent basis clerk to handle the job. A law clerk or rather known as judicial clerk is an individual who assist a judge in conducting a research before the hearing of cases and also writing opinions for the judge. To work as a law clerk, individuals need to graduate from law school with flying colour as they play an important role in the court. Ward clerks are only responsible in assisting and handling cases in hospital ward.

There is no clear required educational background to work as a clerk or administrator. Generally, clerks are the first job for most of the people. However, to qualify as a specialized clerk such as law clerk, you need to obtain at least a degree in law to start of from the bottom. Other general clerks such as data entry and also administrative assistants require good communication skills and also proficiency in a variety of languages is an added advantage.

In Malaysia, companies hire mostly temporary data entry clerks to record the company’s databases. The companies hire students, housewives and retired workers to work for them.