Job Scope & Opportunities: Customer Service


Customer service refers to an organization’s capability to provide sufficient service to fulfill customer wants and needs. It is also commonly known as client service. The best customer service is when the organization constantly and consistently provides beyond customers’ expectations. Organizations need to recognize every aspect of the business and consequences towards their customers in order to provide the best service.

Customer service varies as it can refer to a product or industry. A practitioner of customer service for a product is known as a sales representative. At times, the service is more important than the product. An excellent sales representative can convince the customers to purchase certain product. Offering first-rate customer service enables a business to distinguish itself from other competitors. Therefore, companies and organizations have turned customer service as a customer value proposition.

To outshine your competitors and serve your customers that make them loyal to your company, organizations need to improve their customer service. Promote the “specialty” of your product by studying the weaknesses of your competitors. Offer something that can outshine your competitors. Implement the best service ideas from time to time to keep more customers coming. Examine the most effective ideas that have been used and tried on your customers. The idea that has generated encouraging responses from customers is probably the most effective ones. Therefore, revamp these ideas on new customers.

Listen attentively to your customers’ complaint. A responsive customer service appeals the most to customers as it shows that your company cares and concern about them. Study the weaknesses as provided by the customers and take initiative action to change it. Reliability is one of the key concepts to a good customer service. Therefore, do not make any promises unless you will keep them. This concept applies to deadlines and also appointment. Think twice before you make a promise to your customers.

The practice of great customer service enables a small business to expand and generate profits through mouth-to-mouth advertising. Therefore, there are a few commandments that you need to look into detail for a great customer service. First and foremost, identify and anticipate customers’ wants and needs. As mentioned earlier, service is sometimes more important than a product. Customers buy good feelings and solutions to problem. As most of the customers are emotional, it is better to know more about your customers and communicate frequently to anticipate their needs.

Make customers feel appreciated by addressing their name when you are serving them. Find ways to compliment them to ensure that they are comfortable when they are around you. Thank them after each session. Do make sure that your body language is synchronized with your words to show pure sincerity. Always offer to help your customers. Apologize sincerely when something goes wrong. All this contributes to customer loyalty.

The required educational background for customer service in Malaysia is unclear. However, customer service job opening in Malaysia requires previous experience in customer management and also a good track record rather than certificate from higher learning institutions. Another added advantage, strong verbal and communication skills is also a top requirement for this industry.

In recent years, companies in Malaysia have been expanding customer service to gain competitive advantages over their competitors. For example, Telekom Malaysia Berhad ™ revamps its existing customer relationship management (CRM) to meet the challenges of the new telecommunications market. TM has introduced a self-service portal to gain more feedback from customers. Clearly, this scenario poses the importance of customer service. Also, Sun Microsystems Malaysia Sdn Bhd expanded Malaysian Customer Services Centre as a services hub for the region to provide high quality customer services for local and regional customers.