Job Guide – Education Jobs


If you are looking to work in the education industry, you will need to have high academic qualifications. While it is essential that you are a level higher than the students you are teaching, this is also the requirements stipulated by the government.

The area of education is considered to be not as stressful as the corporate sector but it would require a lot of academic research which is continuous and stringent as well. The rule of thumb is that the educator must be at least a qualification higher than the ones they are teaching. This means if you are teaching in the degree level, you will need to hold a Master degree and so on. 

However, there are also professional trainers in the industry where you are considered part of corporate trainers or the Human Resources. An essential skill in this area is your communication skills which must be exemplary as well as your command of language. In most institutions, English Language is the main conversational language so you must have quite a high level of mastery here. On top of that, you will also need to be innovative and lateral in thinking so that you are able to answer questions posted to you in class.