Indonesian Jobs & Embassy


Types of Jobs for Indonesians in Malaysia

Indonesians from all walks of life can apply for jobs in Malaysia as there is a strong bilateral tie between the 2 countries. It is therefore very common to hear domestic helpers from Indonesia being employed in Malaysian homes while some have already secured employment at high profile jobs and in corporate companies as well.

Domestic Helpers

This is a very common job seek by Indonesians in Malaysia. Maids and homemakers are quite popular where there has been an influx of these workers to Malaysia in the last 2 decades although this trend is currently reducing. This is mainly due to a recent ban imposed by the Indonesian government not to allow their domestic helpers to work here which has since been lifted. Today, the employment opportunities for Indonesian domestic helpers are a lot better where they are allowed to keep their own passports, enjoy a day off and minimum wage.

Manufacturing and Construction

Indonesians who are interested in the manufacturing and construction sectors can seek employment in these areas. This is where there are a lot of opportunities especially in the construction sector due to the rapid development of projects like the KVMRT (Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit) system, new commercial centres and such.

Those who are skilled in manufacturing can be employed in the plants and factories located at industrial areas like Kulim, Bayan Lepas, Pasir Gudang who will be able to enjoy the minimum wage level which was implemented recently.

Professional Jobs in various sectors

Besides blue-collar jobs, a lot of professional Indonesians have secured high profile employment in Malaysia. This includes being offered management positions in corporate companies including accountants, marketers and engineers.

In the professional sector, jobs in legal and medicine are not popular due to the difference in the systems and implementation. However, many Indonesians with postgraduate qualifications have already been employed in the education sector.

Indonesian Embassy


The Indonesia Embassy is located along Jalan Tun Razak, one of the most prominent roads in Kuala Lumpur that connects all the major suburbs and satellite towns of the country’s capital. It is strategically located to provide all types of related services for Indonesians in Malaysia including employment, social welfare and political issues where necessary.


The diplomatic ties between Indonesia and Malaysia were formed since 1957, the year Malaysia gained its independence. Through the Jakarta Accord, an agreement was reached between the 2 governments which saw the opening of the first Liaison Office in Kuala Lumpur in 1967. It was formerly located in Jalan U-Thant before moving to Jalan Tun Razak in 1977 which is where the embassy continues to operate to present day.


Besides the main embassy in Kuala Lumpur, there are 5 other centres around the country to offer services to its people in various regions. Those in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia will be served by the centre in Johor Bahru while Penang provides services for those in the northern region. In East Malaysia, there are Indonesia Consulates in Kota Kinabalu for the state of Sabah, Kuching in Sarawak and in Tawau.


The main role of the Indonesia Embassy in Malaysia is to be the Indonesia’s main representative in this country. This means that any issue pertaining to Indonesia in politics, social and governmental areas will be handled and carried out by the Embassy. Besides that, the Indonesia Embassy is responsible in the handling and management of human capital and employment issues for its people who are working in the country.

Today, the Indonesia Embassy plays a crucial role in enhancing the bilateral ties between its government and Malaysia while offering the contact and reference point for the Indonesian people who are working, studying or living in Malaysia.


Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Kuala Lumpur (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Kuala Lumpur)
No. 233 Jalan Tun Razak, WP KL 50400

+603-2116-4016/4017, Fax: +603-2141-7908

Opening Hours:

MONDAY – THURSDAY: 09.00 AM – 13.00 PM 14.00 PM – 17.00 PM

FRIDAY: 09.00 AM – 12.30 PM14.30 PM – 17.00 PM